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the reference photo, so cute!! love that striking red and blonde patterningthe result! with a touch of creativityGolden natural hooves with white sparkle fur tufts
Fawn Legs set
this pair of fawn legs was commissioned without a vivid idea of what they wanted, they just wanted them done nice and pretty. After looking through many different baby deer (and adult!) photos, i decided on this particular design. in the photos you will see the reference pic that i went off of. the coloring on these deer really struck me! and i loved the fact that the adult deer maintains their spots! i decided to use natural "dog chew" hooves (pig) and to paint them gold, to add a touch of magic :) to add a little more flair, i used sparkle fur on the rump patterning, of which is all airbrushed and hand-sewn (spots). i absolutely love how they turned out, and they are super fun to wear!