Foxysox Studios: custom fursuits, mascots, and more!
What Foxysox Studios Has to Offer/Prices/Terms of Service

—-ALLERGY WARNING! I HAVE CATS! If you are highly allergic, I do not reccommend ordering with us. We keep our work area as hair free as possible, but your suit may contain dander, or random hairs—-

(Starting prices) US prices. Based in California

-Soft foam base fully lined w/static jaw 600

Bodysuits (only! This is not for a full suit. This is the bodysuit, with no other parts included )
-Plantigrade bodysuit starting at 600
-Digitigrade bodysuit starting at 1000

Feet Paws
- with claws 200
no claws 175

Hand Paws
- $150 flat rate for fully lined, puffy style paws.

-solid color 5-10" 40
-solid color 10-24" 60
-multiple colors 10-24" starting at 100
(all tails are hand sewn, and have thick elastic belt loops)

Terms of Service
To obtain a commission quote:
-We require a full color, 2D (no shading) 180 degree reference photo of your character. Please, do not send multiple sketches, with descriptions of what you want out of each sketch, that is a huge hassle, and your quote will go unanswered until a proper reference is attached to your inquiry e-mail. E-mails that lack any reference photo, or simply asking "how much for a head?" will go unanswered. (or you will be linked to this TOS page)
-Please send your head circumference measurement (measured above eyebrows, around head)

Getting started with your commission:
-I am currently only accepting up to 3 commissions in a row, at a time. I am always open for quotes, but keep in mind, they are only good for 6 months. my prices and level of working skills generally increase after 6 months.
-I require 50% deposit in order for you yo get on the commissions list. NO DEPOSITS ARE EVER RETURNED. The deposit cost goes towards purchasing your suit's supplies.
-Smaller commissions like hand paws or tail must be paid in full upon commissioning, due to the cost of supplies.
-The remaining balance of your head is due by the time your suit is completed. If you cannot pay the remainder off by the completion time, a $30/month storage fee will be added on to your total cost
-partial suits can be paid off in three monthly payments after the deposit is paid, or when suit is completed.
-full suits can be paid off in six months after deposit is paid, with equal monthly payments.
-if you lose contact with me after your suit is complete, you will receive a final notice to reply. After two weeks of no response, your suit will be altered and sold, with no money returning to you. So keep in contact! I'm very easy going, but have a business to run and a family to feed. I won't accept lack of communication. If an emergency has arisen, please have another person contact me to inform me.
-Shipping costs are not included in initial quote. Shipping costs within the USA range from $20 for a head, up to $40 for a full suit, depending on weight and size.
-Be patient while waiting for your suit. Our completion dates are estimated, and are in no way a guarantee of when your suit will be completed and shipped. We will update you weekly on the progress of your suit, once it has been started. Some updates may include photos, but do not be displeased to find that not all your updates will have photos; I do not always like people to see my work when it's in its messier stages.
-If you wish to check in on the progress of your work, please go to my Fur Affinity page. I keep the front page updated with my current commission's statuses.
-Please allow for delays in the building process. Although i have a good track record of shipping out my suits on time, or close to, sometimes life happens, and there is a delay. Whether it's an appliance malfunction, or and illness, I will always let you know if something comes up, and I will readjust your completion date.
-INTERNATIONAL (not from the USA), will most likely require a customs fee upon arrival. I have no way of knowing the fee. Typically between $80-150 for a head, and up.
Changes in your order:
-If you decide you would like to change/add something to your commission, I will give you a price quote for what you would like to have done. Some small changes require no extra fee, but for example; changing the color claws or changing a fur color after the supplies have already been ordered, would require a fee.

Rush Orders:
-I do not always accept rush orders. It all depends on the current status of my queue. If you wish to place a rush order, I will contact the current commissioner's to make sure it is ok that they are pushed back a few weeks. For this reason, I cannot always gaurantee a rush order. If I do accept your rush, it will be completed and shipped by the time you need it to be.

It is very important to stay in contact with me throughout the building process. Going over two weeks without communication/answering my emails will result in your suit being altered, and auctioned off. No money will be returned to you after head is completed.